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Nine Secrets to Longevity

1. Avoid sugar
No food stresses the human body as much as refined sugar. Sugar actually drains the body of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the process of being burned for energy. Sugar is the main food for the pathogenic bacteria fungi that populate our gastrointestinal tract which in turn wear down our immune system, damage tissues and organs, and force the body to expend valuable resources in an effort to deactivate them. The reason sugar elevates the risk of heart disease is due to an automatic built-in safety switch inside the body. To protect itself from being poisoned from excess sugar, the body converts it into fats like triglycerides. So instead of killing you quickly, the body defends itself by killing you on an installment plan that includes a deteriorating cardiovascular system, worn-out kidneys, and clogged arteries.

2. Avoid dehydration
Every cell in the human body requires water to move nutrients in and waste products out. Moreover, a shortage of water has a negative impact on blood alkalinity and pH levels and blood pressure, which in turn can trigger the slow-motion, systematic destruction of body tissues, with few outward symptoms or signs.... until it is too late. The sensation of thirst occurs only after damaging dehydration has already occurred. Municipal water should be avoided at all costs. Most municipal waters have a high parts per million concentration of aluminum due to the use of aluminum hydroxide as an accepted method of water treatment. Moreover, the addition of chlorine results in the creation of cancer-causing chemicals when dissolved organic solids are chemically altered by chlorination.

3. Avoid coffee, colas and alcohol
Coffee is a beverage that promotes aging rather than forestalling it. This is because it contains relatively high quantities of cadmium, one of the most toxic heavy metals known. Cadmium interferes with immune function, nerve conduction, and hundreds of other physiological systems. High quantities of cadmium in the diet have been directly correlated with shortened life span. Once ingested cadmium stays locked in the body for decades. Researchers estimate that it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 years for just half of the cadmium consumed to be eliminated from the body. Colas containing phosphoric acid can leach calcium and magnesium from the body. Alcohol raises blood pressure and has been closely associated with increased stroke risk. Alcohol in any quantity is toxic to liver, nerve, and cognitive function. Alcohol also dehydrates the tissues and depletes the body of B-vitamins, zinc, and magnesium.

4. Avoid dairy products
Dairy products are not only high in artery-clogging saturated fats, but they also contain concentrated pesticide residues if the livestock is not range fed. Pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes in milk. Because of this milk is very hard to digest. Homogenization forces the digestive system to work harder to break down fat. This can ultimately lead to higher blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and with time a greater risk of heart disease.

5. Avoid meat
Analysis of several large studies has shown that the higher the consumption of meat, the higher the risk of cancer and heart disease. The researchers of a study at Loma Linda University concluded that even a once-a-day consumption of meat nearly tripled the chance of suffering fatal heart disease by age 64. Even more disturbing is the concentration of pesticide residues that accumulate in animal flesh. When meat is cooked, chemical changes can be unleashed that render it carcinogenic. In fact, when the muscle flesh of any animal is subjected to high heat, cancer-causing compounds are created. The hotter and longer meat is cooked, the more of these carcinogens are formed. Heating meat also degrades the quality of protein. Some amino acids are completely destroyed in cooking.

6. Avoid hydrogenated and heated fats
Hydrogenated fats are found in virtually every processed food on supermarket shelves, from crackers to canned chili. These unnatural fats have been directly and indirectly linked to almost every major disease plaguing the industrialized nations of the world, from cancer to heart disease. Even healthy fats like olive oil can be converted into partially-hydrogenated or carcinogenic fat in the kitchen. All that is needed is to subject it to high heat in the course of cooking. It does not matter if it is fried, baked, or broiled. By the time the oil turns brown or begins to smoke, hundreds of chemical changes have already taken place, and the resulting oil is a semi-hydrogenated chemical soup laden with unknown compounds and carcinogens. Researchers at the Graduate Institute of Medicine in Taiwan analyzed the risk of cancer in women exposed to the fumes of cooking oils and found that they had a markedly higher chance of contracting cancer than unexposed women.

7. Limit caloric intake
Another factor that contributes to longevity is limited food intake. Restricted caloric intake with adequate nutrition can have powerful effects on longevity. Studies have shown that the practice of caloric restriction, providing all necessary nutrients were provided, resulted in increasing longevity and postponement of disease.

8. Walk and lift weights
Walking is one of the very best exercises you can do. Resistance training is extremely important in keeping you fit. Physical inactivity has the same damaging effects on the body as smoking a pack a day of cigarettes.

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